Rotterdam’s innovations are making waves in the MICE sector

In the heart of Mozambique lies one of Africa's natural wonders, a place where visitors can gaze upon some dramatic landscapes and wildlife scenes while contributing to support the survival of endangered species.

International projection came at high tide, with the giant waves spreading throughout the world the name of the city and country.

Are you attending ICCA's Iberian Chapter Annual Meeting in Granada? And expecting some free time? Here are some must go sites in this wonderful city.

Greenland is not an obvious destination for the Meetings Industry. But a trip to this island of northern lights, icebergs and small cold towns can be a life experience.

Rwanda is doing its best to leave the war behind. A tourism and Meetings Industry boom is giving a helping hand to the country’s growing economy.

The former capital of Japan is sprinkled with history, having survived almost unscathed to World War II.

The Portuguese capital continues to surprise with new venues, services and activities. Join us and check what's new.