Simão Teixeira elected president of Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau

They will focus on business tourism and the attraction of events and congresses.

Simão Teixeira, Vila Galé Cabo de Santo Agostinho general manager, has been elected president of the Recife Convention & Visitors Bureau until 2021. With the election of this Portuguese official, who is replacing Marta Teixeira, Martur Viagens e Turismo, the entity's focus will now be business tourism and attracting events and congresses.

"We will continue the excellent work the previous president has done. I was already a member of the Board and I closely followed all the work done by the previous management and now, as president, I intend to work mainly on business tourism because I understand that many other institutions already take care of leisure and cultural tourism. So our policy will be to focus on bringing good business and putting Recife Convention back on the map of major national and international events and congresses," Simão Teixeira noted.

Furthermore, the idea is to strengthen the relationship with the ABIH - Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Hotéis (Brazilian Hotel Industry Association). "We understand that Recife Convention is an autonomous and independent institution from ABIH. However, it is also made up of hoteliers. So we will provide them with full support and we intend to be more and more ABIH's commercial right arm," he added.

Administrative Board

President: Simão Teixeira (Vila Galé)

Vice president: Maria Carolina Oliveira (Pernambuco Hotels)

Ricardo Costa Cavalcanti (Fazenda Portal de Gravatá Hotel), Marcelo Augusto de Oliveira (Transamérica Hotel), Carlos Maurício Periquito (ABIH-PE), Gisela Latache (Assessor Assessoria), Marta Teixeira (Martur Viagens e Turismo), Juliana Britto (Catamaran Tours) and Sandra Luck (Luck Viagens).

Audit Committee

President: Luís Gonçalves (São Francisco Pousada)

Vice president: Miguel Francisco (Pernambuco Hotels)

Andreia Misael (Mar Hotel Conventions) and Annette Dias (Canarius Group).



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